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ADD/ADHD with Kids

“Your daughter has ADHD, Sensory Integration, Visual and Auditory processing issues.  She'll struggle in school.”, announced our pediatrician.  We were devastated and felt so helpless.  Jordan, was only in 2nd grade, and was already labeled.  


She was very intelligent but couldn't stay focused or seated in school and her grades were very low. We tried occupational therapy and it helped but she still wasn’t able to perform well in school. 

In 3rd grade we reluctantly put Jordan on medication.  It was an extremely hard decision for us.  Jordan was prescribed Strattera, or as we called it to make it more fun: “her little blue pill”. 


When Jordan started taking the medication, I remember she couldn’t even swallow pills so we mixed it in applesauce so she was able to consume it. Think about that, she was so young that she wasn’t even able to swallow the medication she was apparently supposed to be taking.


Jordan didn’t feel well when taking it but she was able to focus, started excelling in school and was more confident.

It was heartbreaking to watch her take a pill every morning that made her feel so bad.  Jordan and I weren't happy with this path she was on, but this was the only option I thought she had.  I knew something had to change, but I wasn’t sure whether Jordan had any other choice. 


I started researching healthier options.   I found a health practitioner who radically changed my thinking.  He told me something that I will never forget. “Jordan isn’t deficient in Strattera and she never has been.”


From this moment, we worked to get her off the drugs and began changing our whole family’s diet a little at a time.  The first thing to go was processed food and sugar. 


Changing our diet wasn’t easy and we weren’t perfect but we immediately felt a huge difference.  Jordan continued to excel, all of our emotions were more even and we were able to focus better on everyday tasks. My husband and I lost weight without even trying, we didn’t have brain fog anymore and we all slept better.

That little girl that struggled in school at 7 made all A’s and 1 B in middle school.  She played travel soccer, travel volleyball and was involved in theater.  Jordan was a member of the National Honor Society in high school. She graduated with A’s and B’s from Florida State University in 4 ½ years completing both an undergraduate and master’s program on the Dean’s list every semester. 


I don’t say this to brag, even though I am a really proud Momma, but want you to know she was able to do all of this without that little blue pill!

Where would we be today if we didn’t make those healthy changes in our diet in 2005?  I don’t even want to think about it. 


Because of the amazing results I have had with my family I felt called to become a Certified Transformational Health and Life Coach so that I can empower others to improve their health and lives. 

I won’t lie.  It wasn’t a piece of cake changing my family’s diet.  My girls were around 11 and 13 years old.  They were already set in their eating and loved sugary foods.  We all did.   


We all celebrated report cards with ice cream.  I loved anything chocolate and sweet.  My husband was drinking a case of soda a week.  It wasn’t an easy sell to get them to switch. 

For Jordan’s best interest there needed to be a change.  I didn’t have a chef and I wasn’t going to cook different meals for everyone.  I worked full time and then played chauffeur to many extracurricular activities that the girls participated in. 

But things had to change and little by little they did.  Those little 1% changes added up to where we are today.  None of us are on any medications.  We are all very active and healthy.

It was not a game of perfect.  Did we have an occasional sweet treat?  Yes!  But it was not the norm anymore. 

Our bodies changed and actually started craving real whole foods.

Once we started realizing the benefits of dropping processed food and sugar from our diet and eating real whole food it didn’t make sense to ever go back to eating like we used to. 

It really warms my heart when I get a call or text from one of my girls asking about how to change this recipe to make it healthier or my friend is having these issues do you think maybe it is something they are eating or they request certain healthy meals we make at home instead of going out to eat. 


The changes we have made in our family have rippled out to 100’s of family and friends and beyond.  It is my goal to have this happen to you and your family.

So where is Jordan?  She is now 27 living her dream.   She even moved abroad to continue her education in Berlin, Germany.  Jordan has even worked as a chef in a vegetarian restaurant. 

Remember just like a certain little blue pill, none of us are deficient in processed foods and sugar either.

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