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"Sheri changed my life! This lovely lady is the most amazing lady I have EVER met! She picked me up from the darkest time of my life and gave me faith. She teaches with her whole heart! The lessons I gained from her sessions I will continue to practice for the rest of my life. She taught me to love myself again. She taught me how to be happy again. Both I didn’t think was possible when we started.


I highly recommend her to anyone that is lost and looking for guidance. She will always hold a special spot in my heart!  Thank you Sheri!!" 

Carla B.

Deltona, Florida


"I find myself honored to be coached by Sheri. She listens with her heart; and ultimately, that has been my primary need. Above and beyond that, she has so many quality resources to draw upon; I am certain she will have just the right thing for any goal brought to her attention. Looking forward to continuing a very rewarding and empowering healthy life!!"

Marion F.

Deltona, Florida


“So many things happened in my life during the time I was working with Sheri.

My initial goal was to gain more energy but I gained so much more. Sheri’s coaching allowed me to reassess my work situation and take time out to heal without judgment. Although it was not my principal aim, I also lost 3kg during the programme. Sheri is such a kind and sincere coach; on several occasions she went out of her way to help me. The main take-away from the programme was a shift in mindset that enabled me to start loving myself and my body much more fully.

Thank you, Sheri, for all your help!"

Jessica S.

Arnas, France

Jessica Hartley Seddon.jpg

“Sheri is an incredible person and Health Coach! She has vast knowledge of nutrition and fitness that she brings to our sessions together! She is calm and positive and wants the best for her clients. She has helped me so much in our time together and I can see the habit change that she has helped me make in my life!

Thank you Sheri! You are an incredible Health Coach!"

Rachelle T. 

Ontario, Canada


“Sheri is a great coach. She will help you truly uncover whatever is in your way and move past the obstacles. She genuinely cares about you, and helping you move forward."

Jared M.

Hayden, Idaho


I am very grateful that I was able to have Sheri Coach me through a major life decision.  With her guidance I was able to make a decision & move forward with a clear vision and action steps!  Sheri's kindness and gentle spirit was so appreciated in my time of vulnerability.

Looking forward to working with her again.  Amazing Coach!

Chalsi, G.

Vancouver, Canada

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