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Have you fallen off track?  Do you just want to feel like yourself again (maybe even better)?

Is your energy low and are you dragging?

Do you feel like you are walking around in a mental fog

Have you gained a little around the middle?  

Are you dealing with inflammation, bloating or poor digestion?

Then the Empowered. Healthy. Living. 6-week Wellness Group Program is for you! 

It is an ONLINE group program designed to empower you to reclaim your health, vitality and discover a whole new way of nourishing your body, mind and spirit and set you up for living a healthy lifestyle.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet! 

This program will help you discover a better fit for your UNIQUE body and
set you up for success far beyond the program.

The Empowered. Healthy. Living. Program is designed to help you:

Build your immune system

Create more energy and mental clarity

Create a positive mindset

Set up simple changes that are sustainable and last

Learn powerful ways to nourish your body, mind and spirit

Release excess weight and inflammation

Reduce your bloating and digestive upset

Improve skin clarity

Identify hidden food sensitivities

Improve your sleep quantity and quality

Reduce mood swings and irritability

Reduce your sugar and carb cravings

Deconstruct and reduce your cravings, and finally break unhealthy habits

Reduce your stress and enjoy a happier more joyful outlook on life

I reached out to Sheri when I was pretty desperate.  Before retirement I was a workaholic and had little balance in my life.  I used food for comfort. I knew less about good nutrition & more about chocolate.


If I read a package label, I didn’t understand it.  When I called Sheri, she encouraged me to explore different ways to slowly eliminate sugar & gluten from my diet.


I started cooking with fresh foods.  As a result I began to notice positive changes. I felt physically better & had more energy.  I had no idea how bloating & dehydration had affected my overall well-being.  I have experienced fewer headaches and my sugar level & blood pressure have been lowered.


She encouraged me to take small steps which were manageable.  Overall I have lost 11 pounds, although that was not my goal. My clothes are fitting better as a result of the bloating decrease.  An added bonus is that my skin is clearer & I never had an issue with that.

Overall, I will keep Sheri on my speed dial.  She is an excellent coach.


~ Nina P.

 Orlando, FL


I will guide you through the whole way!

Week 1

We will prepare, set intentions, then create a vision for what you want to create and set you up for success!  Plus learn what real foods are and how they will change your health and life!

Week 2

You will learn how to create healthier digestion which means a healthier gut.  Get back to real food eating and slowing down.

Week 3

You will learn how sugar impacts your health, strategies to reduce sugar and create stress resilience.

Week 4

You will learn how to create a healthy balance of Protein, Carbohydrates & Fats on your plate and strategies to have more restful sleep.

Week 5

You will learn what's working for YOUR unique body (both on and off the plate), how to reintroduce foods you eliminated, how to take back control of your day through morning routines and sacred self-care practices to nourish you.  

Week 6

You will learn how to create an abundance mindset, celebrate YOUR wins (so important to take time to acknowledge your successes big or small) and set you up for success moving forward.

You will learn to practice a mindful approach to eating clean energizing foods plus the lifestyle habits, routines and mindsets that keep you feeling nourished.

I am so excited to help you up-level to a healthier routine and life!

You can participate in this program according to your needs. Come for the education, come for the mindset shifts or come for the clean eating. It’s all up to you!

Sheri has opened my eyes to a healthier way of living. She is so knowledgeable and helpful in finding ways that work for each individual person.


I recently was part of one of her cleanse FB groups and it was a great way to reset my eating habits and find out which foods were right for me.

I gained energy, lost weight, and felt better in two weeks!


Thank you Sheri for helping me achieve my health goals!

~ Tina S.

Lake Mary, FL


The Empowered. Healthy. Living. Group Program is for you if:

  • You know accountability and support will help you be successful

  • You are tired of trying all the things and not getting the results you want.

  • You know there is a better way.

  • You know something needs to change.

  • You are tired of feeling sick and tired.

  • You want a proven program that is easy to implement.

  • You don't want to buy a bunch of powders, products, pills and potions that you will never use after the program. (nothing extra to buy!)

  • You are so ready to get back on track and feel like yourself again (maybe even better)!


This program provides myth busting, science backed education with real life tools and techniques you can easily implement in your life.

It’s a time to get back to basics – and to have fun doing it!

A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, Sheri offered a Wellness Program. 


I am so glad I joined!


My diet has improved, the brain fog has diminished & I gained some great new recipes.


~ Carol H.

Lake Mary, FL


In only 2 weeks I lost 8 lbs, I feel more energetic, I am sleeping better and I am able to manage my stress better. (all while traveling for work)

~ Lora C.

Sanford, FL

Are you just trying to figure this healthy thing out?  I totally get you and  I know exactly what that feels like. 

Hey there!  I'm Sheri Johnson and I became a  certified transformational Holistic Health & Life Coach because I have been exactly where you are.  Over 17 years ago I was in your shoes.

My numbers weren't great and I was prescribed a medication that I didn't feel comfortable taking.  My daughter was on ADHD medication that made her have suicidal thoughts. 


I knew I needed a change for myself and my family.

Pic of me.JPG

But I had a problem.  I didn't have the time or the money.  I was a single mom and I worked a full time corporate job.  After work I was a chauffeur for my girls taking them from school to practices, to events, and finally back home again. 


No time or money for doctors!


So, I had to figure this healthy thing out.


Today I work with people like you.  I help them get better sleep so they feel more rested. And yes, I also help them lose excess weight and inflammation so they can feel better and more confident.  They are less stressed so they can find more peace and joy in their lives.  They no longer have sugar and carb cravings, they feel like themselves again (maybe even better) and they have more energy can finally get that to do list done.

This is what I want for you too and I would love to help guide you through this 6-Week Online Wellness program.

I will lead you through exactly what I did but you will have the guidance that I didn't have so you can get your questions answered.  

With this wellness program you will have MY 3 secret ingredients needed for a powerful transformation - my Accountability, my Support and a tested and proven program.

I can't wait to see you in my program and living your best empowered life! 


See you soon!



One Day or Day 1.
You get to decide!

What's included:

Complete 6-Week Program Guide

6 Video Courses to watch on your schedule and when it's most convenient

6 Weekly Live 1 hour Group Zoom calls to get questions answered real time

Private Voxer Access to the Group for encouragement, motivation and to get questions answered quickly in between Zoom calls

Email support for additional support

No Requirement to be on Social Media All offered within my private group.

Limited to 20 people for more individual support.

1 – 30 minute strategy coaching call to set you up for success

Toxicity Assessment Questionnaire at the beginning and at the end to measure your progress. 

Weekly handouts and easy action steps to move the needle forward consistently 

Motivational messages to keep you on track and going strong

Healthy Self Care Routines Guide/Checklist

Daily Health Routines Worksheet/Checklist

What to Eat Organic Guide to help you save money

Proper Preparation Guide for Grains, Nuts, Beans and Legumes

Accountability, Support & Proven System to help you achieve the results you want

The Empowered. Healthy. Living. 6-Week Wellness Program also includes:


My Empowered. Healthy. Living. Recipe Guide which includes over 80 pages of original FAST & EASY Recipes.  ** All recipes are gluten-free & optional dairy-free 

5 Healthy Smoothie Recipes guide

My Magic Snacks on the go eating guide

A Meal Plan template for you to easily create your own meal plans

You can participate in the educational component, the clean eating component or both.  I meet you where you are and support your goals for your personal health and wellness. 

Say YES to you!!  Your future self will be glad you did!  

This program enables you to receive more accountability and support which translates to quicker results!  

We do this in community as a way to support each other and create the inspiration, motivation and fun to create healthy changes together. 

This program allows you the freedom to listen to the training totally on your own schedule and then come into community for extra support.


Group EHL - Anchor
The next Group Program starts
January 27, 2024!
I only take the first 20 people to register.

Ready for a Change?

** Once registered, you will receive a confirmation and a welcome email. 

** NOTE: Payment plans are available.  Please email me.


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