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You just finished the Empowered. Healthy Living. 6-Week Wellness Program!

I'm soooo proud of you!

I've been down that journey and I know it isn't an easy one!  But you stayed diligent!

And diligent doesn't mean perfect.

Perfection is not something I encourage striving for.

So, now what?  What's next?

What I know to be true is often when we don't have a circle of like-minded people around us that will support us we can falter and not be as diligent or even just fall off track totally!

I don't want that for you!

So, I want to invite you to my private membership group to help you continue to Level UP!  And keep leveling up!

This group is only for people who have completed the Empowered. Healthy. Living. 6-Week Wellness program so that everyone has the same level of knowledge.

Each of you may still be on a different level on your health and wellness journey.  And that's OK.  You are unique and will reach different goals at different times.  That's where the Level Up comes in.

This group is for accountability, support and coaching from me.

My goal is to help you continue leveling up to the next level for you.  That could be in healthy eating, healthy living, fitness or mindset.  The goals are yours not mine!


I will be there with you every step of the way!  Whatever will help you achieve your next level.

Is this program for me?

Do you answer yes to any of these questions?

 Do you want to at least maintain the level you achieved during the 6-week wellness program?

 Are you worried it will be like any other program you've done and you want to make sure you don't revert to what you did before?

Do you like the progress you made and want to keep making those baby steps to the next level?

Do you know you need to surround yourself with other women that are also striving to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle?

Do you know accountability, support and coaching will help you keep striving to reach your next level?

If you answered yes to even 1 of the above questions then this program is for you.

What you Will RECEIVE

Two membership levels to choose from to help you reach your goals and the next level for you.
Group Voxer access with other like-minded women striving for better health and wellness where you can get all your questions answered.
One - 1 hour Group Zoom Coaching call per month where I will answer all your questions, coach through mindset blocks, and introduce health topics that I am learning that may benefit your health journey.
Accountability, support and coaching from me on health, wellness, lifestyle hacks and mindset through Voxer, Group Zoom calls and Individual Coaching.
Discounts or free entry in other programs I offer.
Individual monthly 30 minute coaching with the VIP Membership for individual strategy to keep you moving forward in your individual goals.
I can't wait for you to join me to continue Leveling UP your health and life!
** Note: You are joining at a Founder's Membership Price and your monthly investment will never change as long as you continue your membership.  The pricing will go up.  You may also cancel at anytime.
Join Membeship

Choose your membership

Select the membership that works best for you

  • Premium Membership

    Every month
    Accountability, Support & Group Coaching
    • Private Group Voxer
    • 1 hour Zoom Q & A/Coaching/Topical Training - 1 per month
    • Discounts or FREE Entry to Other Programs I Offer
  • Best Value

    VIP Membership

    Every month
    Premium plus Individual Coaching
    • Private Group Voxer
    • 1 hour Zoom Q & A/Coaching/Topical Training - 1 per month
    • Discounts or FREE Entry to Other Programs I Offer
    • 30 Minute Individual Strategy Call
  • Premier Case Review Part 1 & Part 2

    Review Health Questionnaire and design an individual plan.
    Valid for one month
    • Premier Case Review Part 1 & Part 2

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