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Do you feel like you have been reaching for the sweets and your cravings are becoming uncontrollable?

Would you like to eliminate ADDED SUGAR from your diet so you can experience



If you’ve ever tried to cut back on sugar before, you know it can be frustrating and a real challenge!
Not only can cutting out added sugar cause cravings, but it can also leave you
feeling tired, blah, and worse.
That’s EXACTLY why the Sweets are Not the Boss of You Program is for YOU!

It’s a 5-day challenge to help you eliminate added sugars from your diet.
You’ll learn sugar detoxing tips, get ideas for smart snacks, and other info to
help you regain natural energy!

  • Better Sleep

  • More Energy

  • Plus Looking & Feeling Great

When you join the Sweets Are Not the Boss of You

sugar detox challenge below, you will get: 

My cheat sheet with 70+ names for sneaky hidden sugars so you can identify and kick them out

Special worksheets for each day to keep you on track all along the way

5-days of coaching videos to empower, inspire and motivate you each day for success

Beautiful color 14-page Success Manual to stay on track going forward

FREE Coaching call to use during or at the end to help you be successful in this challenge and going forward

Optional extra coaching sessions at a reduced rate to help you stay on track

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Certified Transformational

Holistic Health & Life Coach

Sheri Johnson

to help you break up with sugar! 

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Hey there!  I'm Sheri! 

I know first hand the stronghold sugar cravings can have on you and how difficult and frustrating it can be to break free.

I suffered with Candida which is a yeast that makes you continuously crave and eat sugar so it can stay alive.   

I am bringing my process of breaking up with sugar to you so you can break up too!

I will be with you every step of the way so you can break free and feel the freedom from sugar controlling you! 


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"In just 4 days I am down 3lbs, my skin looks better already and even my husband's sugar has dropped."

- Nicki M.

"After 2 days I felt really good.  I was tired but I worked a 14 hour day without lagging.  In just 3 days my wife and I really started to feel better.  We both had more energy."

- Daniel W.