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3 Secrets to Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Have you been trying to lose weight; you think you are doing all the right things and it just isn’t happening?

You know all the things to do. You are eating healthier and exercising.

So, what might be stopping you from dropping the weight you would like to lose?

Listen in or read on below for 3 reasons you may not have thought about to help you lose weight.

Not eating enough food.

A lot of the people I work with think that they need to drastically cut how much they eat. And maybe you are over eating but possibly not.

It also may be changing out what you are eating and filling in with different healthier choices to meet your goal.

I also have people that I work with that say, “Well I’m just not hungry so I don’t eat.” They don’t eat all day and then have an unhealthy meal in the evening.

When you don’t eat enough your body believes it is in starvation mode. So, your body is

going to hold on to everything and not release the extra weight. Your body believes that it may need those fat reserves to survive.

Make sure you eat enough healthy food throughout the whole day.

Your car won’t run optimally without the right fuel, oil and water. Neither will your body!

Eating the right amount of protein.

Protein helps build lean muscle but it is also crucial for proper functioning of organs, cells and tissues.

You need high-quality protein to be healthy overall and for an active lifestyle.

Eating enough high-quality protein helps you feel satisfied and not hungry.

If you eat too much protein it can turn to sugar in your body which then turns to fat if your body is unable to use it.

The optimal amount of protein you need to eat is individual to you. From my research, about half your body weight in grams of protein is a great place to start.

Too much stress.

You are living and breathing, therefore you more than likely have stress in your life.

Stress can cause you to hold onto weight.

Stress can cause you to have an increase in appetite. You will probably crave unhealthy food choices like high sugary or salty processed foods.

These foods may calm your brain but it starts a vicious cycle of stress eating. Stress eating leads to storing fat especially around your tummy, butt and thighs.

Take some time to do those things that you know help you to de-stress. Exercise, walk in nature or on the beach, meditating, reading. Whatever helps you. Take some time to yourself! You deserve it!

There are many more things that could be preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals.

What I have found to be most effective for my clients is eating the right balance of healthy sources of protein, fat and carbohydrates for you! You should never be hungry. It is never about deprivation.

Send me an email or schedule a call if you would like to create a plan that works for you.

Are one or more of these things preventing you from losing the weight you would like to lose?

Let me know in the comments below or shoot me an

email - I would love to hear.

Live life empowered!

When you are stressed you will hold onto extra weight. Here is a free guide for ways to reduce your stress: 5 Tips to Reduce Stress

Sheri Johnson is a certified Transformational Holistic Health and Life Coach in the Central Florida area. She believes everyone deserves an amazing healthy, balanced life, full of energy and feeling fantastic! When you get back on track in life and feel like yourself again then you can easily step into who you truly want to be, living out your purpose, passion and what you were called here to do.

If you are ready to decrease stress and overwhelm while creating balance in your body, mind and spirit then please check out her website and book a free strategy session with her below.

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