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3 Natural Ways to Lower Your Inflammation

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Are you or a loved one feeling the aches and pains of inflammation in your body?

Inflammation is tied to almost every health condition. It is also a natural response to injury, infection, bacteria and viruses.

So many people are suffering with inflammation and don’t know that there are things that you can do to reduce it without having to pop medications. I am not telling you to stop taking medications if you are already on them or they have been prescribed!

Medication may reduce inflammation in an area of your body that is inflamed but it is not getting to the root cause. It is like a band-aid.

Whether you are taking medication or not, there are natural ways that you can use to help reduce inflammation or maybe even eliminate it in your body. If you are on medication then it may be possible (with your doctor’s consent) to get off the medication if you no longer feel you need it.

Listen in or read on below for three ways you can naturally reduce your inflammation.

Foods to Add and Foods to Avoid

As a Health Coach I can tell you that changing what you eat is the #1 change you can make that may reduce your inflammation the most.

Some of the foods that are most inflammatory and you should reduce or remove:

  • Processed & fast foods – including foods that have more than 1-5 ingredients that you don’t know what they are or can’t pronounce them.

  • Sugary foods – Very inflammatory plus there are well over 60 names for sugar.

  • Gluten - found in most bread and baked products.

  • Casein - found in dairy.

  • Alcohol - also a burden to the liver which is one way you detoxify.

  • Artificial sweeteners - they are just chemicals.

In summary a best first move is to eat whole real foods to reduce inflammation. Your body knows what to do with real food because it’s not a chemical or manmade.

Some whole real foods to add:

  • Vegetables (preferably organic) as many as you want but at least 4-5 servings.

  • Fruits (preferably organic) 3-4 servings.

  • Grass-fed Beef, organic free-range chicken/eggs and wild caught fish.

  • Healthy fats like avocados, extra virgin olive oil & coconut oil to name a few.

  • Fresh clean Water. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water or unsweetened herbal tea per day. This helps flush toxins.


I know if you are feeling really inflamed exercise is probably the last thing you want to do.

Exercise is an excellent way to reduce inflammation.

Pick some form of movement or exercise that you will enjoy doing. If you haven’t been exercising start slow and work up to about 20-30 minutes a day even if it is just walking.

The key is for you to have fun and enjoy it!

Stress Management

Stress alone can create inflammation in your body.

Many people don’t realize how much stress effects your body and mind.

The good news is exercise is also great for stress management and my number 1 go to.

Other things you can do are meditate, pray, read, deep breathe, listen to music, take a bath, spend time outside in nature and grounding (putting your bare feet on the earth).

You probably know what helps you the most with stress relief. Pick a few and incorporate them in your day. All the ones I mentioned are free and several can be combined.


Losing weight, if you need to, also helps reduce inflammation. By incorporating the three ways above you may also naturally lose a little weight without even trying. I see this so many times with my clients.

Inflammation is very common but you don’t have to suffer. By incorporating these natural ways, you may reduce your inflammation and start feeling so much better!

Do you have inflammation? How do you reduce your inflammation?

Let me know in the comments below or shoot me an

email - I would love to hear.

Live life empowered!

Stress and overwhelm may keep you from making healthy decisions that are right for your unique body! Here's a free guide to help you reduce stress: 5 Tips to Reduce Your Stress

Sheri Johnson is a certified Transformational Holistic Health and Life Coach in the Central Florida area. She believes everyone deserves an amazing healthy, balanced life, full of energy and feeling fantastic! When you get back on track in life and feel like yourself again then you can easily step into who you truly want to be, living out your purpose, passion and what you were called here to do.

If you are ready to decrease stress and overwhelm while creating balance in your body, mind and spirit then please check out her website and book a free strategy session with her below.

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