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4 Secrets to Add More Joy into Your Life

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Do you find it hard to be upbeat and happy sometimes?

Maybe everything around you seems to be falling apart.

How can you find joy in the chaos and crazy?

What can you do when there is so much negativity all around you?

Listen in or read on below for four secrets to add more joy into your life.


Yep that’s right, play!

Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t wait to get outside and play with your friends after school or on a lazy summer day?

As an adult we forget the joy we found in playing.

So, whether you run around the yard or play Marco Polo in the swimming pool with your kids, or grab the dog and play fetch or take them to the park, find ways that you can play.

Don’t have a kid or one you can borrow or even a dog then maybe find a playground with some swings and see how high you can fly on that swing.

Play Hooky

There is something about being off work when every one else is working or going to school.

Take some time off just for you even if you can only grab a couple hours. Plan to do something just for you. Not mop the floors because you have a couple hours.

Get a massage, get a haircut or your nails done, go to lunch with a friend, enjoy a long walk at the beach or on the trails, go on a bike ride to the ice cream parlor.

Do something special you love to do that feels rejuvenating that you may not usually get to.

You will be surprised at how this will revitalize you and you will feel more joy.

Random Acts of Kindness

Do something kind or generous that someone is not expecting. This could be for someone you know or a stranger.

Random Acts of Kindness is a great way to lift others up and you at the same time.

We’ve all heard the story about someone buying coffee or a meal for the person behind them in line and then it goes on for 20+ orders. Think how many people just experienced joy and had their day brightened. Then they each tell someone and the joy spreads on.

It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

You could do something as simple as catching people’s eye and smiling or writing a special note to a loved one and tucking it in their lunch or pocket to find later.

The sky’s the limit. Let your imagination run wild on this one. The planning alone may bring you joy.


Stepping back and thinking about the things in your life that are good and going well is always a great reset.

Taking time to intentionally think about those things we are grateful for no matter when in your life they happened will bring you more happiness and joy.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

I love that quote!

Start out your day thinking about or writing down at least 1-3 things you are grateful for. It will set your outlook for the day on a positive note.

It is very helpful when things get crazy and chaotic to tap back into yourself and listen to what you may need. Taking a break from life and treating yourself to some things that will lift you up through selfcare, playing or playing hooky can be so beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

Take a little time to sit in silence, pray and listen to what you really need to create more joy in your life. Then tap into what you are truly grateful for!

How do you find joy and happiness in the crazy and chaos?

Let me know in the comments below or shoot me an

email - I would love to hear.

Live life empowered!

Stress and overwhelm will rob your joy and happiness. Click below to get a free guide to help you reduce stress:

Sheri Johnson is a certified Transformational Holistic Health and Life Coach in the Central Florida area. She believes everyone deserves an amazing healthy, balanced life, full of energy and feeling fantastic! When you get back on track in life and feel like yourself again then you can easily step into who you truly want to be, living out your purpose, passion and what you were called here to do.

If you are ready to decrease stress and overwhelm while creating balance in your body, mind and spirit then please check out her website and book a free strategy session with her below.

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Sep 01, 2023
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