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5 Ways to Get Healthy Results Without Hustle and Grind

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Social Media wants you to believe you must "hustle and grind” to get the results you want in your life, business, health, whatever…

I am here to tell you that “hustle and grind” is NOT the fastest path to your results.

In fact, for many people, it’s a path to NOWHERE.

Especially if you have responsibilities … like a career, family, home, pets, etc.!

It’s true: the idea of “go hard or go home” might be exciting at first.

But a few weeks later? After you’re burned out… not so much. It’s not sustainable!

This way of thinking can leave you feeling tired, sore, and worn out! All that stress can work AGAINST you.

There IS a better path.

Listen in or read on below for five ways to get healthy results without the hustle and grind.

Listening to your body.

Our bodies really are so smart. They were uniquely designed by God to know exactly what they need but we stopped listening to them.

Pay attention to your body’s cues!

Take a few minutes each day to tune in and discover what your body needs. It will tell you.

Make small changes.

When you make small, sustainable changes they really do add up over time and create BIG results.

When I work with clients, I encourage them to take baby steps because it will get them to their goals. Often when you take baby steps as opposed to huge steps you are more likely to stay on track to reach your goals and not quit.

If you start out running for a mile when you haven’t even walked a mile in years you will probably be sore for days and not do it again for several days or maybe weeks or maybe never.

There really is something to being the tortoise and not the hare ;)

Choose the right exercise or movement.

If you hate to run then don’t do it! You won’t continue.

Try different forms of exercise or movement until you find ones you like. You will be more apt to continue doing them even on days when you aren’t feeling it!

Mix it up! You don’t have to do the same exercise or movement every day. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. You will be working different muscles.

If you choose exercise or movement that gives you energy when you finish, then you will start looking forward to doing it every day.

Eat food that supports your body.

What you eat absolutely impacts how you feel and how you will perform for the day.

Learn which combinations of nutrient-dense foods support your body’s needs and goals. This is something I help my clients with. Helping them find the right balance of Healthy Protein, Fats & Carbohydrates.

After you eat you should feel energized not ready to take a nap.

This doesn’t mean you never eat “those” unhealthy foods. It is always about moderation and not deprivation.

Add lifestyle changes for the win.

It’s not all about what you eat or how much you exercise.

Adding in lifestyle changes is also very important.

Sleep, positive thinking and stress management will help keep your hormones and body in balance.

Creating balance in your body, mind and spirit is critical to your overall health and wellbeing.

There is no star or badge of honor given to you if you are always busy! I know! I never got one when I was busy all the time.

I just felt stressed, overwhelmed and burned out. Maybe you feel that way too!

Creating new healthy habits that actually support your lifestyle is key!

It’s all about building a healthy lifestyle that you can follow (and enjoy!) for years to come.

Which healthy lifestyle habits are you already doing?

Let me know in the comments below or shoot me an

email - I would love to hear.

Live life empowered!

Mindfulness to reduce stress is a great lifestyle change to incorporate into your life. Here is a free guide to help you reduce stress: 7 Easy Mindfulness Practices to Ease Your Stress

Sheri Johnson is a certified Transformational Holistic Health and Life Coach in the Central Florida area. She believes everyone deserves an amazing healthy, balanced life, full of energy and feeling fantastic! When you get back on track in life and feel like yourself again then you can easily step into who you truly want to be, living out your purpose, passion and what you were called here to do.

If you are ready to decrease stress and overwhelm while creating balance in your body, mind and spirit then please check out her website and book a free strategy session with her below.

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